Monday, 24 April 2017

Postmaster Grade II Regular Promotion list released for  9 Grade I 24.04.2017

1. Sri A Ramu 

2. Sri S Murugesan
3. Sri M. Edward
4.Sri. K.T.Seshadri
5. Smt. M. Indira
6. Sri. R. Selvarangan
7. Sri .J. Janakiraman
8. Smt G. Nirmala
9. Sri. G. Gomathinayagam...

Congrats to Smt M. Indira . PM grade I Coimbatore Division..all Grade I Postmasters promoted....
.Bouquet photos க்கான பட முடிவுBouquet photos க்கான பட முடிவுBouquet photos க்கான பட முடிவு

The Next list of Grade II Promotion will be on One Time relaxation basis to Grade I Officials who have completed 5 years of Service in the Grade....

followed by

Adhoc Promotion to eligible officials who have completed 3 years of  regular service in Grade I to the extent of unfilled Posts in Grade II.

However it is not known whether the cutoff date for promotion under one time relaxation is relaxed for vacancies till date.....

Regular promotion process would delay due to verifications of CRs etc. The Post remaining vacant after this order will be allocated for adhoc promotion to all eligible officials and regular promotion will be ordered thereafter...

( The Number of Vacant Posts for adhoc promotion in  Postmaster Grade II will ultimately depend upon number of Officials Accepting Grade III Promotion and Number of Officials Declining Grade II Promotion )

Friday, 21 April 2017

Promotion Process for Postmaster Cadre

Postmaster cadre Promotions are under process at CO and is expected within the end of April 2017 or Ist week of May 2017.

a. Regular Promotion for Grade III to officials who have completed 5 years of service in Grade II  ( Orders released for 11 Officials ) 

b. Regular Promotion for Grade II to officials who have completed 6 years of service in Grade I ( Under Process )


a. One time relaxation for vacant Posts in Grade III to be filled up with officials who have completed 4 Years of service in Grade II.

b. One time relaxation for vacant Posts in Grade II to be filled up with officials who have completed 5 Years of service in Grade I

Adhoc Promotion .....

a. Officials who have completed 21/2 years in Grade II may be considered for adhoc promotion to Grade III for Post lying vacant after regular promotion if any

b. Officials who have completed 3 years in Grade I may be considered for adhoc Promotion to Grade II for Post lying vacant after regular promotion if any..

Vacancy Position as on 20.04.2017

Postmaster Grade III -  6
Postmaster Grade II  - 34

(The Postmaster Grade II vacancy will depend upon existing Grade II officials accepting their Grade III promotion orders released this month )

( However there would be a cut-off date for vacancy position and may be filled up accordingly)

( since one time relaxation has been received for the cadre it is expected that all vacancies as on date will be taken into account for promotion )

Orders are expected very soon....

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Implementation of Cadre Review
Coimbatore Division

SSPOs memo No A-1/ Cadre Restructuring/LSG dated at Coimbatore 641001 the 11.04.2017

T/S PA Posts Upgraded to LSG from 15.04.2017

1. Single Handed SOs                        - 24 
2. Double Handed SOs                       - 14 
3. In Divisional Office                        - 01 
4. Head Post offices                            - 01  
5. In Postmaster Grade III  offices     - 01
6. In Postmaster Grade II    offices    - 02
7. Treasurers                                       - 31
8. In CPC                                            - 02
9. In BPC                                             -01

Total LSG Posts Created                  77

Consequently 77 PA Posts has been treated as Abolished.......

Overall Impact on rotational Transfer 2017 in Coimbatore Division....

1. Only PA Posts can be rotated for 2017
2. Preference would be given for those who have completed their tenure..
3. Transfer at Request will also be considered.
4. PAs cannot apply for transfer to SPM Posts or PA officials cannot be transferred to SPM Posts even at Request or on interest of service.

Filling of SPM Posts..

1. Will be on Promotional Hierarchy ..
2. Those who have been promoted to LSG Cadre can alone apply for the Post of SPMs in single and double handed Offices.

Filling up of Treasury Posts ..

3. LSG Officials can apply for the Post of Treasurer in identified offices ( Treasury Tenure will be likely to get modified as 4 years )

Other Posts 

4. LSG Officials can also apply for the newly created Posts in DO, CPC, BPCs

Cases where Posts Cannot be filled up 

1. When there would be Posts lying vacant after Posting of LSG Officials within the Division, the vacant posts can be filled up by..

a. LSG Officials of other Divisions .
b. Senior most T/S PAs on Adhoc Basis..

Cases where Officials cannot be housed in the same Division..

There may be instances where the number of officials would be higher than the Promotional Posts, then in that case the officials have to opt for the nearest Divisions..

Filling of LSG Posts under Circle Cadre...

Since the LSG Posts are Circle Cadre and liable for allocation within the circle , Initial allotment for the Promoted officials would be within the Region and within the Division as well..

This allotment would be based on the number of Posts created in the Parent Division of the Official.

If the Official falls junior most in the Promotion list for a DIVISION and if there is no sufficient LSG Posts in the Division , the official may be allotted to the Divisions where there is sufficient Posts . This would be within the Region Only..

Surplus Officials of the Region 

If there are officials surplus after filling up of all the LSG Posts in the Region , there are chances that an Officials would be alloted to the next Region.

Cases of Declination and Impact on the Officials..

1. Officials Declining regular Promotion would not be able to get their next MACPs and likely to get postponed until promotion is accepted.

2. Officials likely to Retire within a year or three and if there is no chance of MACPs may opt to Decline their Promotion.

3. Officials like to get MACP within 6 Years should accept the Promotion or else there would be heavy financial loss in the Retirement Benefits.

4. There are wider chances that those officials retiring within 10 years would get promoted upto HSG I level within 10 years.  

5. Officials who have completed 14 to16 years of service should accept the Promotion if listed and get a wider chance to get promoted to HSG II with their next MACP.

Financial Impact on officials Posted to Rural Areas where the HRA is lesser than the Actual Drawn and Offices with quarters facility.

1. Considerable loss to income / allowances would be there for officials posted in stations with lesser HRA than actually drawn by the Official.

2. Officials may also have to loose full HRA allowance if the Post Office in a rural area is being attached with Quarters . ( Of course many quarters are resided by ghosts) 

3. Shifting of Family and creation of new establishment at the new place would also cost them more.

4. Many Officials have to spend a lot for transportation daily.

5. It is Advised to Consult a Good Financial Adviser before proceeding on transfer / Promotion to the new Place.

6. Studies to children would also get affected during the period...

Remedies ...

1. Officials should be Posted in a Manner that they are not dislocated and resulting in financial loss.  This will also reduce the number of officials declining the Promotion.

2. Officials should be occupied within the Division .

3. Surplus officials should be provided with nearest Division and should be provided  Transfer to parent Division as and when Vacancy arises .

4. A Separate waiting list should be maintained at Regional level for Transfer and Posting of officials who where provided nearest Division in the original transfer process.

5. Preference should be given to surplus officials posted in nearest divisions in the Yearly RT.

6. LSG Cadre should be Brought Down to Regional Cadre .


Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Top achievers of our Division at Regional level.

1.     Best performances in Speed post and Business post.
        Smt R.P.Chitradevi SSPOs Coimbatore III place.

2.     Media post.shri R.JAWAHAR Manager BPC.first
        place.Mystamp .IIplace.

3.     POSB A/Cs:Coimbatore Dn.4th place.3rd place in special drive.our Dn opened more             no of a/cs in the region.

4.     Postal savings Accounts (All type).
       Coimbatore.II place
       Cb north sub Dn.II Place.
       Sub post office.Smt.J.Nirmala.IIPlace.

5.     Top RPLI achievers.

        Smt.K.Jayalakshmi I place
        Smt.K.Mala.PMGr.l III.Place.
        Top PLI achievers.
        Coimbatore Dn.I place.

       SHRI V 
Sreeramakrishnan.SPM.KP COLONY I Place.

       SHRI.P.Shanmugakumar MO III place.

6.    Top PLI DO.shri .S.Vidyasekar.Ist place.

7.    E POST.shri B.N.Sivakumar CRM Coimbatore.III place.

      The divisional Union congratulate all the achievers and staff of Coimbatore for their efforts.
                                                                                   D.Ebenezer Gandhi

Monday, 3 April 2017


Dear comrade,

                             We  welcome the proposal by the Department to delete some of the provisions/instructions
               Issued by the Govt in respect of Rule 38 transfer.

                              India post as a department of Govt of India is well spread throughout India and thereby giving
               an opportunity to its employees to serve anywhere in India or the circle concerned based as the family
              Circumstances,medical requirements and well defined social cause of living with the spouse and children.

                              The minimum requirement of 5 years ofservice  need to be relaxed .As soon as a Govt  servant is
              appointed to the Govt departments the official gets married and starts his early married life. Thus the
              reason for seeking Rule 38 transfer to another divisions arises to join with his spouse from the first year
              itself.Delay in getting it giving mental agony and frequent visits to his native place  giving room for
              prolonged leave etc, and in some cases leads to breaking of  married life.To avoid such things, a minimum
              service of one year may be taken into account for granting Rule 38 transfer.

                              Due to the recruitment policy of the Govt, persons belonging to one district gets appointment
             In another district or in a distant place away from native place.To avoid paper work due to more no of
             Rule 38 transfer, counselling for transfer may be arranged in the PTC for those seeking Rule 38 transfers
             and also among the freshers once in a year or six months,so that officials may get transfer to the divisions
             Of their choice by exchanging the place of posting.Example,candidate of Coimbatore district  may get
             appointed at Tuticorin division and a native of Tuticorin division may get appointed in Coimbatore district.
            General counselling among the freshers and the working officials seeking Rule 38 transfer at the initial stage
            Itself will be benefited and also this will reduce the paper work at DO/RO/CO level.

                              It is beneficial for both the officials  and department.

                              The provisions that only 2 Rule 38 transfer can be availed in the entire service also is not
            reasonable and the officials tend to seek  transfer based on their family circumstances ,marriage at the
            Initial stage of their career and also for medicial and educational purposes in their later stage of service.
           Some of the officials in the department may be forced to seek transfer as per the postings and promotion
           Of their spouse serving in other departments ,Banks and PSUs.This condition should be deleted as proposed
           In the DOP letter.

                               Further some of the officials well settled in their native place seeks temporary transfer to other
           Places on medicial grounds or for education of their children.There is restriction of 2 years only in the
           Entire career is a hurdle to the officials and in turn they are forced to resign the job or proceed on VRS.
           This can be avoided provided the conditions of 2 years only is relaxed so that the trained and experienced
           manpower can be utilized in our or other division.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


      A sum of Rs.76,500/- Seventy Six Thousand and Five Hundred only was handed over to the bereaved family of late com.B.Sridhar Postman Bharathiar University and Ex President of GDS union today by the office bearerof NFPE P3 and P4 Union. The       Divisional union expresses its sincere thanks to the members who contribute their mite to the family welfare fund of the deceased official and our sincere thanks to com .R.Kalirathinam PA Coimbatore HO for his donation of Rs.5000/- towards this cause.
                                                                                                                                                                                       D.Ebenezer Gandhi

Monday, 13 March 2017

Cadre Restructuring .....

Impact on Senior Officials.

1. Nearly 2000 senior officials would get LSG Promotion in the nearing Months...

2. HSG - I and HSG - II Posts to be filled immediately with the available staff..

3. HSG NFG will be granted to officials who have completed 2 Years in HSG I as on date...

4. After filling up HSG -I , HSG -II and LSG Posts.. Department will proceed DOPT for granting One time relaxation to fill up all vacant HSG-I , HSG-II posts , LSG Posts ..

5. There would be lesser problem for HSG I and HSG II officials when compared to LSG..

Classification of Senior Officials..

1. Likely to retire within 10 years and not before 7 years
2.Likely to retire within 7 years and not before 4 years
3. Likely to retire within 4 years..

a.  7 to 10 years

        Officials who have completed 20 years of service and already in  4200/- grade pay and if promoted to LSG may have to Accept the promotion since their next Promotion to HSG II  would fall within the next 6 to 8 years .
       They may retire as Postmaster HSG II .  Since the number of HSG II Posts have been enhanced they can get posted in the same Division ..

b. 4 to 7 years

       Officials who have completed 20 years of service and already in 4200/- grade pay and if promoted to LSG may have atleast one chance to become HSG II before retirement . Hence accepting of promotion is recommended.

c.  1 to 4 Years

     Officials who have completed 20 years as well as 30 years and already in grade Pay 4200/- or 4600/- may also opt for promotion , for they would get a chance to officiate in higher Post during their Retirement ..

Classification by AGE.

1.  40 to 50
2.  30 to 40

Officials in the first classification may be about to complete 20 years and some would have completed  20 years of service and yet there is solid 10 to 15 years remaining for retirement.

They should certainly opt for LSG Promotion without hesitation and may have a good chance of retiring at the highest hierarchy in the cadre..

There may be some dislocation to few officials which they have to manage for year or two.

Definitely the number of Posts and the number of eligible officials would differ to division to division..

1. Number of post higher but officials will be short.

2. Number of officials higher than the Post allotted to the Division.

Since there is acute shortage of staff and countable number of officials have rather retired or gone out under VRS and also in unforeseen demise, the number of officials for the Post would be lesser in the HSG I and HSG II category ..

However the LSG Post would be filled up 100% since the eligible conditions has been brought down to 5 years in PA cadre...

There are also rumors that some are trying to keep the CR under abeyance for a particular period. so that the officials would retire at the present post and station .

There may be some dislocation to officials at High HRA stations and have to sacrifice for a particular time to regain it.

Instead the HRA criteria would be taken up for Modification and as to have an equitable allowance at Metros , Cities and Rural Area so that official would not loose allowances.

Keeping the HRA equal at all stations and providing a distinction like CCA for Metro and High cities would solve the problems considerably..

Otherwise officials would opt for declination....

It is also hoped that necessary orders for Promotion to HSG -I , HSG -II would be initiated at CO simultaneously calling for CRs of officials for Promotion to LSG..

Placement of Postmaster Cadre in the event of CR

Offices below the rank of Grade I ie LSG / Triple handed POs has been placed at 4200/- while the Postmaster Grade I is placed at 2800/-.  

One Post of LSG is also created in Grade I offices and now the Grade I  Postmaster is to supervise another official of the Same Grade Pay. It may also result in contradictions between officials due to authority .

Hence the Cadre Review of Postmaster Cadre is expected within short span of time as the Implementation process of CR is being carried out for Postal Assistants.

The Postmaster Grade I should be definitely placed higher than the LSG and Triple handed post offices by virtue of status and higher fixation of pay is also essentially required.  

This can also be ensured by the following..

1. Amalgamating Grade I and Grade II Posts and allotting 2/3rd to Postmaster Grade I.
  ie . 252 grade I and 50 grade Posts to be merged to 302 and 2/3rd ie 200 Posts to remain as Grade -I 

2. The remaining 100 Posts  may be marked for Grade II so that the number of Posts in Grade II is increased considerably.

3. The 51 Grade III Post may remain the same 

Now the Ration of Postmaster Grade I : II:III
would be 4 : 2 : 1

The Unions should also look forward the Postmaster cadre being taking up in light of the CR for Postal Assistants..